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A good car-sharing business in the industry, Pandauto, is happy to collaborate with Baidu’s Appollo Project to additional enhance their services to customers through the entire industry. It is of be aware that Baidu is the extremely first car-sharing business with autonomous vehicle tech, and Pandauto’s cooperation with Baidu indicates that autonomous car technology has the chance to relate to business component for your initial time.

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  2. Company Name: Pand-Auto.

Baidu’s Appollo Venture continues to be introduced to supply an open, extensive and reliable software program system for its companions in the autonomous driving and automotive industries. This partnership means that Pandauto will be able to utilize the Baidu software system, as well as reference the hardware the business has licensed as being a template to personalize in their autonomous vehicles’ development.

Pandauto is the first company to be in a position to include the autonomous vehicle tech with this collaboration. It's also currently made a breakthrough with autonomous car operation in Chongqing. Which means that the organization will continue to higher enhance its high-end services for the advantages in their customers.

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In addition, Pandauto catches the pattern of AI and autonomous vehicle, becoming the leader of car-sharing business. It also is also dedicated to improving the users’ solutions by providing advanced technologies. For years, Pandauto continues to be delivering top-notch solutions and investing comprehensively within the commercial applications of latest, revolutionary energy vehicles, enhancing the speed of utilization of city parking and street traffic spaces. This kind of services assist relieve air pollution and concrete visitors stress. Using the cooperation with Baidu’s Apollo Project, it'll appear that Pandauto will be able to continue its excellent services.

Baidu is currently certainly one of the biggest partner ecosystems when it comes to autonomous driving system. Its Apollo venture counts a lot of partners, dealing with the organization to additional develop the driving technology and industry. The Apollo plan also includes 5 of the leading universities in China, and Baidu continues to collaborate using the government as well.

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To be able to display exactly what the unique platform can perform, a startup supplier of autonomous method showed off cars that they changed into extraordinary self-driving models with the utilization of the one.0 software program launch of Apollo inside just 3 times.

With this particular, there is no doubt to mention that Pandauto’s cooperation with Baidu won't ever visit squander. Rather, it will deliver higher choices and provide more extraordinary functionalities to their business. For additional particulars or for questions, make sure you go to

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Company Name: Pand-Auto

City, State, Country: Chongqing China

Address: Internet industry park, Jin Kai Road, Liangjiang New District, Chongqing



Website: cooperation with Baidu .

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  • If you allow your dog to romp about within your car then, fairly clearly it could distract you from.
  • Baidu’s Appollo Venture has been introduced to supply an open, extensive and dependable software program platform for its partners.
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